Classic Cut Veils

The standard cut veil can be likened to a teardrop; cut soft and rounded. This classic veil is quintessential to the wedding trousseau, yet customizable so your wedding attire is personal.

The standard cut veil is one of those wedding veils that is traditional but not ordinary. In fact, you are the one that makes this bridal veil extraordinary. YOU stand out when you choose this classic veil because your wedding day is about you, as it should be with wedding veil styles too!

This classic veil can be done in any width you prefer (Sheer- 54” wide, Standard- 72” wide, and Extra Full- 108” wide). The described lengths of each bridal veil below are typical to most brides’ needs, but your uniqueness is gorgeous so please contact us if you need your long veil, medium length veil, or short veil customized to make your standard cut veil about you!

Classic Veil Lengths:

  • 18” Shoulder Length
  • 22” Mid Chest Length
  • 30” Elbow/Waist Length
  • 34” Hip Length
  • 42” Fingertip Length
  • 65” Waltz Length
  • 75” Floor Length
  • 90” Chapel Length
  • 108” Cathedral Length


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