Pearl Embellished Veil

A cathedral veil with pearls scattered throughout is a perfect representative of romantic tradition. When you choose a pearl embellished veil, you enhance your bridal attire with physical beauty that also has significant symbolism.

Your groom may liken you, his bride, to the pearl because it is known for being a high value gem that is stand-alone beautiful. Legends and myths associate pearls with being pure and staying loyal. Pearls are also a symbol of beginning new, just as your wedding is. With the pearls scattered wedding veil, your attire is complete with a picture of purity, a look of loyalty, and a nuance of new beginnings.

A scattered pearl veil is not one to steal the show from you, but will instead show you off. You can trust that whichever style of wedding veil with pearls that you decide on, it is certain to complement not only your hair, face, and dress, but your personality as well.


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