1/4" and 3/8" Satin Edge Veil

The ribbon edge veil is adorned with a lovely satin ribbon trim that can vary in width- giving you the decision as to how prominent you would like the ribbon to be. The ribbon edge veil offers a distinction that is delicate, yet solid, between your dress and the veil.

Ribbons are commonly used to raise awareness for a cause or encourage people to take a stand for something. When you choose a ribbon edge veil, you are showing your stance on your marriage. With the satin ribbon trim, you are giving recognition to your wedding day. Your bridal attire with the ribbon edge veil can certainly set an example of what a bride should look like!

The satin ribbon trim on a ribbon edge veil is bold but only in a manner that influences the beauty of your entire bridal outfit. Just as your hand feels in his, the satin ribbon trim is soft to the touch. And just as your hand looks with your ring on, the ribbon edge veil is vivid to the eye. And remember, when choosing a ribbon edge veil, you also can choose the width of the satin ribbon trim that adorns it. It is up to you to make a statement in a way that suits you, and your wedding suit!

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