Satin Cord/ Rattail Veil

Another name for the satin cord veil is a “rattail veil”. That name may sound unbecoming, but, as can be seen, the satin cord veil is a picture of beauty with a solid structure holding it all together.

There is a cultural wedding tradition involving a cord that symbolizes the lifetime unity of a bride and groom, and the strength of their marriage. And isn’t it a custom to say you’re going to “tie the knot” when you get married? And what can you tie a knot with but a cord? Of course, the rattail edge veil does not involve these specific observances of cords. However, the visual of a cord representing a marriage’s harmony and solidity is appropriately embodied in the embellishment of the satin cord veil. 

The satin cord veil is certainly a personification of resilience and durability with its defined cord edge. The rattail edge veil can be a perfect choice to represent, in your wedding attire, the backbone and commitment you are putting into your marriage.

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