Angel Cut/Waterfall Veils

An angel cut veil, also known as a waterfall cut veil, is one of those classic and timeless wedding veils. This design is also recognized as the cascade cut veil as it flows down your back in an enticing and romantic way.

As one might picture angels flying above, the angel veil is cut in a v-formation. This enables the bridal veil to have side folds with the length of the fabric tapering softly in the back. And just as one can’t help but let their eyes be taken captive by a waterfall gushing over a gorgeous canyon, this waterfall veil cascading around you will surely dazzle him and all who watch you walk down the aisle.  

Whether you choose a raw cut, rhinestone decorated, or ribbon embellished veil design for your cascade veil, you are certain to be an angelic and unfailing image of flowing beauty.


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