Blusher Veil

Most two-tier veils are also known as a circle veil because the fabric is trimmed in an oval shape and then gathered on the top- creating one of the most beautiful layered wedding veils. The two layers allow for this bridal veil to be a blusher veil or to just add fullness and body to the bride’s attire.

As a bride, you may desire the two-layer veil because you are looking for a long veil with a blusher or a mid-length veil that acts as a blusher veil too. After all, the mystery of your gorgeous face being hidden through the ceremony until the un“veiling” is quite romantic. Then there is the natural waterfall effect that comes with wearing a circle veil; folds and ripples are on each side as the fabric drops past your shoulders with a fabulous flow. The two-layer long veil gives quite a spectacular show with it being a circle veil. When the long veil is completely let loose to hit the floor, you appear to be standing in a full spotlight! 

When deciding on wedding veil styles, consider how the blusher veil is certainly one of the most classic wedding veils. It is a multi-purposed veil when it comes to enhancing the style and taste you’re going for in your bridal trousseau.


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