Organza Ribbon Edge Veils

An organza ribbon veil is a veil that is made more elaborate with a ribbon edge consisting of a firm fabric with a less transparent nature than that of the veil. The ribbon width may vary, allowing for you to choose the form you would like your organza veil to have.

The organza veil has an outline that blends in noticeably. This may seem like a statement with contradictory elements, but when you consider it in the sense of two individuals coming together as one it is quite the romantic picture. A bride and groom, for example, are two separate beings. The bride might be the veil: soft, transparent, and flowing. The groom may be the organza ribbon: tough, slightly opaque, and stubborn. When putting together, the veil and the organza ribbon fuse well (even with their differences) into an organza ribbon veil. 

No matter the width of the ribbon you choose, the material that frames the organza veil connects to it in an enabling way- making the veil a full and complete picture. The organza ribbon veil will then, in turn, complete the full picture of your bridal outfit.

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