Estimated Production Turnaround

Yes, we provide estimated production turnaround for our veil inventory, including custom made veils. Because each veil is unique and made to order for each bride, however, the word “estimated” must be stressed. Our family of designers takes much care and consideration into producing a perfect bridal veil fit your specific style and setting. 

Here are some tips to ensure success in understanding when your veil will be finished.

  • If ordering a pre-designed veil, check your particular veil’s specifications and details for more information regarding production time. 
  • If you are ordering a custom designed veil, production time can be found simply through communicating with us directly.
  • Understand that the production time does not include shipping time. 
  • If you are in need of your veil to be rushed, please get in touch before placing your order so we can ensure there are accommodations available for such a request.
  • Be aware that seasonal demands and situations beyond our control can effect our raw material suppliers. Please trust that in such a situation we will communicate with you and keep you updated.

"Estimated" Production Times:

18-58 inches Pre-Designed Veils

  • Usually ships in approximately 3-5 business days

65-75 inches Pre-Designed Veils

  • Usually ships in approximately 5-7 business days

90-120 inches Pre-Designed Veils

  • Usually ships in approximately 1-2 weeks

Custom Designed Veils

  • Usually ships in approximately 2-4 weeks



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