Veil Care

A headpiece should be of high quality that lasts many years. It is tradition to pass it down from generation to generation, but even if it only has a lifetime of one bride, it is a valuable memory of one of the happiest days of your life.

Important Note: 

The veil is steamed and packed in a garment bag, it's ready-to-wear condition. Please keep the veil in the garment bag when it is not in use and stored in a cool, dry place, keep away from the heater. (Heat may cause material tulle to stiffen.)

To help minimize the wrinkles, it is recommended using a handheld steamer.

Instruction on how to care for your veil:

  1. Remove the veil from the box and hang up for 12 to 36 hours before use. This will help eliminate wrinkles that may occur during shipping.
  1. Do not use iron as it may cause damage to the delicate tulle fabric.
  1. If possible, we recommend using handheld steamer, or by professional care service.
  1. Please handle with care. Bridal veil is a very delicate fabric that can easily tear. 




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