Pencil Edge Veils

A wedding veil with pencil edge may be one that is played down a bit, but it is not one to be devalued. A pencil edge veil has a fine edge that gives it structure without making it too bold; it is simple, yet versatile when it comes to pairing it with the rest of your wedding attire.

When wearing a pencil edge veil, you are letting the presence of it be known without letting it take over. It has outline, definition, and form but all in the supportive sense when it comes to helping your bridal outfit be complete. A pencil veil will selflessly conform to the statements you are choosing to make with your dress, bouquet, jewelry, and shoes; all of those things wouldn’t be complete without the veil, but the veil won’t upstage them either. 

Focusing on you, as a whole, is the goal when choosing a pencil edge veil; it is there to help, not hinder. A  wedding veil with pencil edge expresses pure submission to the beauty of the entire bridal array.

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