Bubble Veil

A bubble veil, also known as a puffy veil or bouffant veil, is one of those distinctive wedding veil styles; rounded, full, and dramatic! It makes up for being a short veil by being grandiose with the gathered fabric.

When choosing a veil, you might consider how a bubble veil can represent your bubbly nature! And who doesn’t love bubbles? They are exuberant, exciting, and enticing to the eye! Or perhaps you have a prominent, strong, and voluptuous personality and this bridal veil with its bold pouf suits you perfectly. Are you possibly looking for a retro chic look? These short wedding veils are similar to many of the stylish hair up-dos from the 50’s and 60’s that are making a comeback today; hence the “bouffant veil” name.

Of the short wedding veil styles, the bubble veil is certainly a good choice if you’re looking to make a well-rounded and valiant statement with your wedding attire!

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