Beaded Edge Veils

The wedding day is all about you, of course, not your veil. A beaded edge veil, however, draws attention to your delicate and exquisite nature and taste for flair.


Beads are known as one of the earliest forms of adornment, and a beaded veil is meant to do just that- to adorn you on your wedding day. Choosing a beaded edge veil is personal to your sense of fashion. You might desire a veil with a basic scalloped beading stitch of sparkling glass that frames your face. On the other hand, you may be one to choose the extravagant styling of flowers on your beaded veil to express your unique mode of dress. Either way, beads on your veil can add dramatics to a very simple gown or couple well with an elegant bridal ensemble.


When deciding on a beaded veil, determine which one would embellish you to your liking and let your prominent style shine as the beads on your veil will. Your beaded edge veil will compliment you as an ornamental picture of grace walking down the aisle- a determined, yet delicate, new bride.


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Fingertip Veil with Hand Beaded Gold/Silver Pencil Edge -
42" Fingertip Veil with Hand Beaded Flowers -
2-Tier Wedding Veil with Scalloped Beaded Edge -
Simple Beaded Edge Hip Veil -
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