Cut Edge Veils

A cut edge veil is simply designed to flow in such a way that shows off you, your dress, and the other components of your bridal attire. The raw cut veil does not draw attention to just itself but is rather a decorative touch of ‘barely there’ beauty.

Just as a finishing stain does for raw wood in stunning cabinetry, a raw edge veil enhances the allure that is already there. The same can be said of a photo that is edited slightly; the pretty pose is present, but something is done merely to magnify it. You, as the bride, are already gorgeous. The cut edge veil only emphasizes you as the belle.

A raw edge veil, even when embellished, allows for raw attractiveness to come through. When you choose a raw cut veil, you choose to add a soft and floating touch to your bold statement of becoming someone’s bride.


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