Drop Veil - Blusher Veil

The drop veil is very simplistic when it comes to wedding veil styles; it is merely a piece of sheer bridal veil fabric cut and shaped carefully as a circle veil so that it may cover the bride’s head without any gather in the material. A drop veil also makes an exceedingly ideal blusher veil as it covers both the back of the head and the face in a tender way.

As it gives the appearance of an angelic halo simply dropped on your head, the circle veil is a bridal veil with an exceptionally distinct style that easily enhances any wedding dress. The fact that this blusher veil is so simple also makes it effortless to enhance your particular hair-do; you can add a special tiara, flowers, curls, or braids. The drop veil has no folds in the fabric hindering or trying to take all the credit in framing your face; this veil simply leaves everything open under it for you to do with what you wish.

The floating impression the drop veil leaves when placed on your crown is certainly a fitting choice as a blusher veil as you float down the aisle to become someone’s heavenly bride. It is optional to have a comb attached to the drop veil or not, so please be sure to be in touch and let us know what your preference is!

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