Tips for Choosing a Veil That Works With Your Dress

wedding veil with laceMany brides have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were little babes. They imagine their wedding dress and walking down the aisle to the love of their life. At, we understand how important your wedding dress can be, which is why we strive to find a perfect veil that matches your dress, style, and wedding theme. Below we offer a few tips to help brides choose a veil that works best with their wedding dress.

Tip 1

When choosing a veil, it is essential to not just select a veil because you like it the most. Since your dress is the main attraction at the wedding, you want your veil to complement the gown by enhancing the design and details. For instance, if your dress is detailed with lace all down the back, choosing a cathedral length wedding veil with lace would take away from the actual dress.

Tip 2

Understanding the shape and silhouette of your dress can help you better select a veil that complements the design. Often, specific dress shapes go better with particular veil styles.

Tip 3

Once you determine your dress shape, you can then decide on the length of your veil. A common rule to follow for long dresses is to allow your veil to flow seamlessly with the dress to avoid harsh interruptions of fabrics.

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The Perfect Veil for Your Wedding Theme

cathedral veil with crystalsBring your wedding vision to life by choosing a dress and veil that complements your wedding theme. At The, we offer a wide array of wedding veil styles that are sure to match any style and theme. Below we feature a few favorite wedding themes and coordinating veils that go perfect together like the bride and groom.


For a vintage wedding theme, we recommend wearing our beloved birdcage veil that features antiqued beaded pearls and sequins. Our birdcage veils are a timeless approach to your wedding attire.


If you are having a romantic wedding, you probably will combine the romantic look of candles with a dark and moody color scheme. We also love seeing our cathedral veil with crystals at a romantic wedding because it is dramatic yet elegant.


For the modern bride, we often see our fingertip veils compliment perfectly into your contemporary wedding. We envision sleek lines and décor that is simple yet elegant.

We are honored to be a part of your special day and showcase our gratitude through our dedication to our craft and customers. Every veil is hand-made with love to ensure it is perfect for your magical wedding. 

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Unique Ways to Accessories Your Wedding Veil

swarovski veilWhen it comes to your special day, understands every bride is unique and different, which is why we offer custom and traditional wedding veils that range in style and budget. Many free-spirited brides will accessories their veils in fun ways to express their true personality. Check below to learn unique ideas to accessorize your wedding veil.

Flower Crown

Adding a flower crown to your cascading veil will create a romantic aesthetic. Flower crowns can be as simple as greenery or as dramatic as a small bouquet.

Antique Diamond Headband   

Gold against your white or ivory wedding veil will make a beautiful statement. Choosing a delicate piece that features crystals and pearls is the perfect addition to your wedding attire.

Pinning Your Veil

Accessorizing your veil can be as easy as pinning the material in different ways. Many brides will add a unique flair to their veil by wrapping it around the top of their head and pinning it. Other brides will pin their veils at the top or crown of their head for added volume.

If you are currently planning your dream wedding, look to to help you choose your perfect veil. Whether you want a Swarovski veil or a mantilla veil, we are sure to have something you will love. Contact us today at 1 (650) 678-5378 to learn more about our affordable veils.

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What Your Save the Dates Say About You

wedding veils onlineAt, we understand your big day is filled with many small details that make it not a problem beautiful. Our company strives to be a positive part of your wedding experience by providing custom wedding veils that fit your style and budget. After you find your dream dress and veil, many brides send out save the dates to inform their guests of their special day. Check below to learn what your save the date style says about you.

Traditional Bride

Brides that love sticking to tradition usually will choose a conventional save the date card to send to their guests via mail. Save the date cards range in a wide variety of styles and themes.

Bride on a Budget

For the bride that wants to save a little cash, you can opt to send save the dates as a postcard to cut back on postage costs. There are many different postcard layouts to choose from that are trendy and traditional.

Environmentally Friendly Bride

Go green by sending your guests electronic save the dates via email. This is a great way to inform your guests while helping do your part to reduce paper usage.

If you are currently planning your big day, contact our company today at 1 (650) 678-5378 to learn more about our affordable wedding veils online.

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Repurposing Your Veil After Your Wedding

wedding veil with laceAfter the vows are exchanged, the cake is cut, and the dress is worn, there are many ways to remember your special day for years to come.  At, we create flawless wedding veils that are designed to match your wedding theme and budget. We believe your veil can be repurposed in many easy and practical ways that will help you relive your most special day every time you see it. Check below to learn fun ways to repurpose your veil after the wedding.

Frame It

Decorate your home with love when you frame your wedding veil. Shadow boxes are a great way to showcase your beautiful veil in style. We recommend creating a lovely collage of all your favorite wedding memories in the shadow box, including your save the date picture, garter, invitation, veil, and more.


Display your veil in your home by sewing your veil around a lampshade. This will create a beautiful decoration and lampshade design. A wedding veil with lace will make an elegant and timeless lamp shade.


Remember your special day by placing a piece of your veil in a unique locket. This is a fashionable way to display your wedding day.

Contact us today at 1 (650) 678-5378 to learn more about our wide selection of wedding veils.

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Welcome to Blog

cathedral veil with crystalsWelcome to the Blog. At our company, we strive to help make your special day perfect by creating glamorous wedding veils that match your style and budget. We offer custom dream veils that are designed to match your wedding gown. Check below to learn more about the specific veils we offer.


We offer a wide selection of veils that vary in lengths. The length of your veil can be dramatic or simplistic, depending on the style of your wedding. For a romantic and traditional approach, we recommend a cathedral length veil. From shoulder length to floor, we can create a veil that is perfect for your big day.



Showcase your true style when you wear a veil from our company. We offer traditional styles and trendy designs, such as bubble cut, standard cut, two-tier, waterfall, drop-cut, mantilla, and more.


We can add many different styled edges that will embellish your veil and make it unique. Whether you want a hand beaded edge or a satin ribbon edge, we can do it all.


We enhance the overall beauty of your veil by adding pearls and Swarovski crystals. For the minimalistic bride, we offer simple accents or no accents at all.

If you are interested in learning more about our cathedral veil with crystals, contact us today at 1 (650) 678-5378.

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