The Perfect Veil for Your Wedding Theme

cathedral veil with crystalsBring your wedding vision to life by choosing a dress and veil that complements your wedding theme. At The, we offer a wide array of wedding veil styles that are sure to match any style and theme. Below we feature a few favorite wedding themes and coordinating veils that go perfect together like the bride and groom.


For a vintage wedding theme, we recommend wearing our beloved birdcage veil that features antiqued beaded pearls and sequins. Our birdcage veils are a timeless approach to your wedding attire.


If you are having a romantic wedding, you probably will combine the romantic look of candles with a dark and moody color scheme. We also love seeing our cathedral veil with crystals at a romantic wedding because it is dramatic yet elegant.


For the modern bride, we often see our fingertip veils complement perfectly into your contemporary wedding. We envision sleek lines and décor that is simple yet elegant.

We are honored to be a part of your special day and showcase our gratitude through our dedication to our craft and customers. Every veil is hand-made with love to ensure it is perfect for your magical wedding. If you are interested in learning more about our company, contact us today at (650) 678-5378.

John Schuster
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