Unique Ways to Accessories Your Wedding Veil

swarovski veilWhen it comes to your special day, WeddingVeil.com understands every bride is unique and different, which is why we offer custom and traditional wedding veils that range in style and budget. Many free-spirited brides will accessories their veils in fun ways to express their true personality. Check below to learn unique ideas to accessorize your wedding veil.

Flower Crown

Adding a flower crown to your cascading veil will create a romantic aesthetic. Flower crowns can be as simple as greenery or as dramatic as a small bouquet.

Antique Diamond Headband   

Gold against your white or ivory wedding veil will make a beautiful statement. Choosing a delicate piece that features crystals and pearls is the perfect addition to your wedding attire.

Pinning Your Veil

Accessorizing your veil can be as easy as pinning the material in different ways. Many brides will add a unique flair to their veil by wrapping it around the top of their head and pinning it. Other brides will pin their veils at the top or crown of their head for added volume.

If you are currently planning your dream wedding, look to WeddingVeil.com to help you choose your perfect veil. Whether you want a Swarovski veil or a mantilla veil, we are sure to have something you will love. Contact us today at 1 (650) 678-5378 to learn more about our affordable veils.

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